Eat Right Society is committed to building a society where generations are able to prevent, abate and reverse harmful effects of nutritional malpractices, malnutrition, unhealthy habits, environmental pollution and sanitation thereby living quality and longer lives.

Since 2015, we have remained dogged in our pursuit for integrity, excellence and service to humanity. Within the span of these years, the organization has been involved in sustainable development goals that focuse on improving health and life. With significant contributions from stakeholders, local and international partners, civil society groups and other organizations, we have expanded our services to the vulnerable, youths, adults, pregnant women, aged, less privileged, communities and special populations in the society. No doubt, the dauntless support we have received thus far continues to make a lasting impact in the lives of Nigerians and the globe.

ERS remains steadfast in her mission of building healthy generations through her care and support system, intervention programmes and empowerment initiatives and network with strategic partners. Her vision for this generation will continue to improve nutritional practices, eating disorders, good hygiene, food-blood type compatibility, family planning, mental and physical fitness and other public health areas. Together with our team of specialists we are working together to building a healthy nation.

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Dr. Funmilayo Morebise (B. Pharm; MPH; FPCPharm.; PhD)