At Eat Right Society, there are guiding principles, beliefs and core values that guide our operations:

  1. Service to Humanity: We are aspire to provide charitable service to humanity, helping to alleviate the living conditions of people, especially the poor and vulnerable throughout Nigeria and Africa at large
  2. Integrity: We aim to earn the trust of our clients, beneficiaries, partners and one another by promoting and maintaining the highest ethical standards and doing the right thing every time.
  3. Collaboration: We recognize the availability of strength in diversity and embrace the unique contribution of others in the achievement of our mission and vision
  4. Excellence:We deliver what we promise and go beyond expectations. We put forth our personal and professional best, providing the highest quality of care and support.
  5. Empowerment: We seek to achieve sustainable development and independence for individuals, communities and nations. We support in providing indigenous and locally available alternatives to improving the lives of individuals, communities and nations.