Dr. KAYODE, Olabode Oluyinka
Dr. KAYODE, Olabode Oluyinka

Dr. KAYODE, Olabode Oluyinka is an Associate Professor & Health Education Specialist. He is a recognized expert in teaching, consultancy, course moderator, research and supervision of dissertation by Undergraduate students of Medicine and Public Health.

His wealth of knowledge and professional experience in public health has influenced series of planning, mobilization, monitoring, evaluation, procurement, supervision and organization of strategic health projects and health communication materials for media and methods in public health educational.

He is currently a Visiting lecturer, Consultant and Field Supervisor to UNICEF Consultative Forum with Universities for Behavioral Research on Child Survival and Development in Nigeria, providing expert advice on ethical review of research proposals for UNICEF endorsement.

Through his role and organized committees in varying sectors, he has shaped policies, developed new programs, and partnerships to propel the educational and health sector in Nigeria forward. Dr. Kayode’s research work includes Guinea worm eradication, river blindness, Dietary Management of Dahorrea amongst others. The outcome of the research has helped to build the skills and capacity of Ministries of Health and District Health Leaders to manage, coordinate control activities, and strengthen health systems which continues to make lasting impact.

He is the Chairman of Eat Right Society. He is happily married with three children.