Catch Them Young Children Mentorship and Empowerment Programme (CATY) of the Society

Catch Them Young Children Mentorship and Empowerment Programme (CATY)

CATY is one of the initiatives of ERS targeted at improving healthy nutritional practices and lifestyles among children. Children are important agent for change; a well-informed child will make healthy decisions and affect their lives and that of their family. This leads to rippling effect on the society. Health and nutrition club, CATY Meal Plan and other strategies have been put in place to achieve this initiative

Eat Right Society (ERS) Children’s Day Special

Eat Right Society (ERS) Children’s Day Special is a yearly event that brings children of the less privileged and public primary school (Age 18 and under) within the Federal Capital Territory (Abuja) together. ERS having identified the non-inclusion of the less privilege and public primary schools in the FCT during children day celebration, decided to have a special project under the Catch Them Young Children Mentorship and Empowerment Programme (CATY) of the Society yearly, where the NGO gives gifts, feed, de-worm and empower these children. The project commenced in 2016 with success stories recorded yearly to enlarge and accommodate more children.

The Eat Right Society identifies that Children’s Day celebration, an annual program to celebrate children in the society are not observed by all the children especially the less privileged within the environment. This is largely because participation comes at a cost. ERS as an NGO has identified this gap and intends to bridge this gap by pulling resources together to cater for and celebrate these children at no cost by organising outdoor recreational, nature-based educational programs with special features such as de-worming, match pass competition, health education, motivational/empowerment sessions (both English and local language), socio-cultural activities, spelling bee competition, games and sports in about 10 public primary schools and local communities within the environs since 2016. These public primary schools are believed to be for the less privileged who are mostly over-aged for their respective classes.

The Eat Right Society Children’s Day Special takes place at Local Educational Authority (LEA) Primary School, 3rd Avenue, Gwarinpa, Abuja, in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Nigeria. Nigeria is located in sub-saharan region of Africa. The primary school is located on a large expanse of land, well secured, spacious and quite accessible to the children. Spacious field, accessibility, security, availability of recreational facilities were reasons for the choice of the venue upon the review of 2016 open-space venue.

This event has recorded quite a number of successes since inception which include testimonies from parents, increasing social relationships and interactions between the public schools and communities within the environment. The student benefits health-wise from typical health programme such as oral care, de-worming, hand washing etc. Adults within the communities are not left behind during the event, where blood pressure, body-mass index (BMI) etc are measured. Also, gifts are awarded for games, questions and answers.

The event also promotes the socio-cultural identity of the communities in dance, songs, drama and others. it also provides platform for up-coming children educational activities such as literary and debating groups of participating schools.

The traditional rulers, teachers, counsellors, health care professionals and others do participate in the event and mentoring of the children.The 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners of the Spelling Bee competitions are brought together for continuous mentor-ship program.

This year, we hope to award  scholarship for deserving winners, improve on  quality of gift for winners, organise motivational mentor-ship and follow-up on winners, create public health Awareness projects and increase the number of participating schools and communities.

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